Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Trip to the Cottage

Yesterday Teresa and I went on a small road trip to visit a relative's cottage.

It never ceases to amaze me how much stuff needs to get packed to go on one of these simple visits.

The weather was gorgeous, and we quite enjoyed the scenic drive (with our Tim Horton's) over roads that wound through lush forest and dramatic rock cuts of Canadian Shield.

Along the way we made a pit stop in the tiny village of Norwood to visit a place called Ralph's Butcher Shop. Ralph's is a small business that is known for their high quality meats, and one of their specialties is hand made sausages in a variety of flavours that include Honey Garlic, Maple, Zesty Italian and Wild Leek.

We ended up purchasing far more sausage than we originally planned, and the folks at Ralph's were generous enough to provide us with enough ice to last until we got our purchases home to the freezer.

Although it goes without saying that Teresa and I are not aficionados of mosquitos, horse flies and insect repellant we did end up having a most enjoyable visit with family and friends at the cottage. We also quite enjoyed the luxury of sleeping in and waking up in our own bed this morning.

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