Sunday, January 8, 2012

Custom End Table for a Ski Lodge

A few months ago an interior designer from Utah called expressing interest in Kevin's Portage Cocktail Table design.

The designer wanted to know if the table could be resized as an End Table measuring 24" x 24" x 24" high. In addition, she said that the satin black plinth and stainless steel offsets would need to be changed to an antique bronze finish, in order to meld with other pieces in the existing decor of a mountain ski lodge.

After finalizing the details with drawings for approval we began work on the table. The timeline was short, since the table had to be delivered in time for a large party taking place just before Christmas.

The antique bronze offsets and plinth were fabricated from a heavy gauge of cold rolled steel, and sent to a nearly plating shop for finishing.

The main body of the table was crafted from a spectacular bundle of reclaimed quartered Walnut veneer, that had a slight fiddleback pattern to the grain.

Drilling the holes for the offsets had to wait until the metal components arrived, in order to ensure a tight custom fit.

This image shows a detail of the top corner of the table, highlighting one of the antique bronze insets as well as the beaded corner inlay.

The above image shows the completed table. A last minute revision was made to use extra heavy 5/8" (16 mm) glass for the top, to complement the masculine proportions of the design.

After final inspection the table was wrapped and crated for shipping. Because of its relatively small size it was possible to ship the package in an economical manner via ground courier to the final destination.

The table arrived just in time for the party, and by all accounts it was well received.

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