Sunday, August 22, 2010

Buying Quality vs. Not Buying Quality

One of my good friends is someone I've known over 25 years.

We met while he was still in school, and back then his finances were so lean that he could barely rub two nickels together.

However, even under those circumstances this guy had an affinity for buying quality products whenever he went to the store, and he'd save up as necessary to buy things that were decent.

His shirts, for example, were usually Armani - and people were often bewildered as to why someone with so little money would insist on buying something so "expensive".

His explanation was always that quality merchandise is a sound investment, and paying a little more to have something that lasts will end up costing less in the long run.

"Saving" money by shopping on price alone, he reasoned, would cost you more because you'd have to buy the same things again and again and again.

How has this philosophy worked out for him?

Well, today you won't find him standing in any check-out line at Wally World.

Instead he's shopping for a new car, which will be either a Maserati....

or a Turbo Porsche:

Yes, it is wise to invest in things of value.

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