Monday, April 18, 2011

A Custom Made Version of the Ellipse II Dining Table

Some time ago we received an inquiry to build a custom version of our Ellipse II Table. Apparently this client had seen and LOVED the elliptical version of our design, but asked if they could make some changes.

They asked if they could change the species of wood, the grain pattern of the top, the shape of the top, the overall size, the design of the base, the edge profile, and the finish. Oh, and could they also have this table made with extension leaves?

The answers to the questions were: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes.

The first step in the process was to make a drawing of the proposed custom design, to clarify the proportions and give a clearer sense of what the finished table would look like.

After approval of drawings a finish sample was made to verify the wood and sheen. For this particular project we made the finish sample into a scale mock-up of the table edge profile, to give a better sense of what it would look like.

Upon approval of drawings and finish sample it was time to build the table.

The first step was to lay up the panels that would be made into the top, leaves and pedestal base.

With the table top cut top size it was time to glue on the 3" built-up edge. As you can see, there's truth to the saying that there are never enough clamps in a wood shop.

With the table edges clamped for the glue to dry it was time to make some interlocking ribs as a jig for the inside of the pedestal base.

Compound mitres were used to cut the plywood panels for the pedestal sides. These panels were then fitted around the jig to create the finished profile.

Applying the hardwood trim. More glue, and more clamps.

Additional hardwood ribs were secured to the underside of the top to give added rigidity to the cantilevered design. The dadoed cross rib shown here creates the pocket that will hold the extenders for the extension leaves.

The underside of the table, showing subtop and extender for leaf.

More clamps....

The woodwork is now complete. This view shows the extender closed.

The extender open.

The leaf set onto the extender.

The completed table, now ready for sanding and finishing.

The table base set into the dining room of the client's home.

The finished table, shown in plain sliced walnut with natural satin finish.

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