Monday, April 4, 2011

Custom Writing Desk - (Part 1) - Conceptualizing the Design

Recently an Internet inquiry came through asking about how to commission a custom writing desk. After some preliminary discussions about various designs including the Kidney Shaped Desk, Rainforest Desk and 1927 Console/Desk it was determined that a customized version of the latter might be most appropriate for the required dimensions of 55" long x 22" deep x 30" high.

Based on this discussion an initial concept was sketched out and emailed to the client. As a starting point this design has curved, tapering legs and a bowed apron with elevated ribs to support a Macassar Ebony top. The fact that the cross ribs are elevated helps creates the visual illusion that the top is floating.

Although I thought the idea was quite interesting and unusual, the client didn't like it. After further discussion the design was revised as follows:

This idea the client loved. At this point we formalized the pricing with a written quotation, and a deposit was made so we could then make the scale drawings required to finalize the concept and work out the details.

Next: Custom Writing Desk - (Part 2) - Scale Drawings

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