Sunday, September 19, 2010

Custom Wall Unit to the Grand Cayman Islands

Over the years we have made numerous custom furniture pieces for all sorts of incredible homes. Quite often the last time we see this furniture is when it's in our shop, before packing up and delivering to the final destination.

Recently I came across this photo of one of our custom wall units that ended up in a beautiful home in the Grand Cayman Islands. This Pyramid Wall Unit was designed by Monroe Sherman of Carriage House in Dania, Florida and together we jokingly dubbed it the "Monster Pyramid" because of its massive size.

This wall unit measures over 20' long and 9' high, with the center area custom configured to hold a 72" television and a wide range of audio/video electronics. Two raised pyramid 3-dimensional doors were made to conceal the components when not in use. The doors move side to side on concealed tracks to rest over glass vitrines at the ends when you want to watch television. The exterior wood finish is high gloss Kila-Kila, while the interior finish is satin black lacquer.

As much as I love the wall unit photo, it should be pointed out that the rest of the house isn't too shabby either. Check out these exterior photos of the property, which is an exquisite beachfront location offering a perfect view of the sunset each day. Incredible!

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  1. Wow, the work is exquisite, but I have to agree the location is notable, breathtaking really.