Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Sudden Trip to Florida

I've just returned from an unexpected trip to Florida. It turns out that a satisfied customer from several years back is now furnishing a luxury condo at the Trump Hollywood.

Because of how happy this client was with our previous work he is now specifying that we make the custom furniture for this project too.

(I do love having happy customers!)

Yesterday ended up being an interesting day to say the least. The morning was spent on site going over details, measuring and taking photos. Speaking of photos, check out this incredible ocean view from the master bedroom.

After a late lunch at the DCOTA I had a few hours to myself, so I used the opportunity to take a mini roadtrip to Homestead to check out something I've long wanted to see. The place is called Coral Castle and it's sometimes referred to as America's Stonehenge because of the fact that massive blocks of coral (weighing as much as 29 tons each) were used in its construction. What's most amazing about this place is that these blocks were quarried, moved and set in place by one man working alone - and this guy was of slight build weighing no more than 100 lbs.

A subsequent post will elaborate further on what Edward Leedskalnin created here, but in the meantime I'll share these photos.

By the time I was done it was late afternoon, and it was also Friday.

Time to decompress and relax.

Given that my car rental was this Ford Mustang convertible, and what else was I to do but put the top down for the ride back to the city?

I enjoyed an extended moment of pure zen cruising up the Palmetto Highway watching a setting Sun, sipping a cold Snapple and listening to this retro tune blasting through the sound system.

What a great way to start the weekend!

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