Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wood Finish Samples as "Business Cards"

In my shop we always put an extra effort into sending high quality finish samples to our clients for approval. These samples are typically cut to 6" x 6" in size, and after all corners have been carefully sanded the backs are professionally lined with felt. Custom labels are then applied to identify the finish, project number, client name and date. Identical copies for use as control samples are kept on file for current and future reference.

On many occasions it has been suggested that we go a little overboard with the quality of our samples, but it has always been my belief that our clients appreciate this added attention to detail.

As a case in point, I received an email earlier today from clients we've previously made an Ellipse II Dining Table for. This table was sculpted out of FSC certified bamboo, and I've now learned that the sample we originally sent for approval has found new life as a wine coaster.

The email goes as follows:

Hi John,

Attached, please find a photo of your bamboo wood sample, which we repurposed as a coaster. It still has your label at its bottom and
thus serves as your "business card" readily available whenever
somebody asks where our furniture comes from. We figured we should share this with you so you know it's worth to make the samples so beautiful as you did them for us.


"H" and "P"

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