Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Old Love Letter Found in Chair

Intriguing stories involving furniture always pique my interest.

Today I learned of a 200-year-old love letter being discovered inside the arm of an antique chair that was being upholstered somewhere in England.

The note was written in French, and was tucked in the arm of a chair that had been purchased at a house clearance in France.

Graham Simpson, the owner of Theocus Furniture, said: "I just hope it reached the lady it was intended for all those years ago."

"When I started to work on the arm" said Simpson, "I could see a small note, tightly folded up about the size of a penny."

"When I opened it, to my amazement it was a note written in pencil; in old French."

The chair's owner, Georgina Mucklow-Davis, explained that it came from a house in the village of St Marcel sur Aude. She went on to say that she purchased it "from a lovely French family who've been living there for over 150 years".

She has written to the family asking if they have any idea who might have written the letter.

Intrigued to see what the note said, Simpson posted photographs of it on Facebook and a friend was able to translate it.

The style of language used indicated that it was composed about 200 years ago, at the time of - or shortly after - the French Revolution.

The letter was written from a man to a woman, and had been sent from the town of Mercurol in the Alps.

"It is wonderful to have such a unique little note find its way from the Alps to my shop in Tewkesbury" said Mr. Simpson.

The translated letter reads as follows:

My dear small love, do not be worried, do you seriously believe I would tell anything to these people, who don't understand anything about love?

If someone insists that I say something, it will be anything but the dear love acquired by you, which is the great treasure hidden in my heart.

I didn't tell you to come yesterday because I didn't have the opportunity, but do come every Tuesday around 5:30, and Fridays as well; I count/hope on you tomorrow.

At the moment I write this letter, I can hear my aunt yelling, who else annoys us all day long, today and tomorrow.

My dear, I cover you with kisses and caresses until... I need you in this moment of desire. I love you.

As Richard Bach once said: "True love stories never have endings."

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