Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Strange Fish Swarms off Coast of Acapulco

There are media reports of unusual fish swarms showing up off the coast of Acapulco, Mexico.

Many "experts" are concluding that this has been caused by last week's massive earthquake and tsunami off the coast of Japan.

Perhaps that's true.

But we should also consider another perspective. Namely, instead of assuming that these swarms are the result of something that's already happened, perhaps they're a foreshadowing of something yet to come.

Back in 2005 a magazine called "The Walrus" published an article that talked of strange events taking place in the weeks leading up to the devastating 2004 earthquake and tsunami in south-east Asia. Apparently there were also schools of fish acting very much out of character in the weeks leading up to that event, in addition to large trees falling over for no apparent reason days before the quake happened.

The article is called "Danger Signs" and it was written by Larry Frolick.

Perhaps our human brains should be a little more humble with respect to making assumptions that we have Mother Nature figured out.