Saturday, January 8, 2011

Good Design Always Finds a Way

"Modernism means freedom - Freedom to mix, to choose, to change; To embrace the new but hold fast to that which is good."

Edward Wormley 1907-1995

Ed Wormley is one of the great American furniture designers. He was hired by the Dunbar Furniture Company in the 1930s to revamp their furniture collection, and he used the opportunity to introduce Modern designs that incorporated European and Scandinavian innovations. The resulting furniture collection met with great success because it combined sophisticated design with mainstream accessibility.

Possibly the rarest and most sought after example of Wormley's work is the "Listen To Me" Chaise. This particular piece sold for $25,000.00 at a Sotheby's auction and I recognized it right away because I happen to possess an original full size blueprint of this very design.

It's because of this blueprint that I know a little secret about it too; namely that the cable and turnbuckle assembly is not there for aesthetic purposes. Instead it is there by necessity because without it the chaise would shimmy like a bowl of Jello.

Yes, good design always finds a way.

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