Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Tweet, Therefore I am?

In the 17th Century French philosopher Rene Descartes famously asserted: "I think, therefore I am." Had Descartes lived today he might be rethinking that statement.

Over the past year several people have asked if I was on Twitter.

Until now my typical response has always been: "Me? What for?"

I couldn't fathom having anything to say that was so important I'd have to broadcast it in 140 characters or less.

But after reading Mitch Joel's "Six Pixels of Separation" I have now officially signed on to Twitter as: johnwiggers


Because it's another step forward in the expanding paradigm of today's digital world. The world's changing, and there's no question we need to change along with it.

If you're on Twitter too, please feel free to connect.

And for the record: I'll do my best to ensure that my tweets don't make me sound like a twit.

(Incidentally, no sooner did I finish writing this post than I mentioned to my son Kevin that I was now on Twitter. Guess what? It turns out that - unbeknownst to me - he's already there, and he's even been posting photos of his furniture designs as works in progress as well. Geez, doesn't that illustrate how far behind the curve I've been?)

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