Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lamborghinis at the Car Show

Yesterday I helped Kevin set up his booth at the Interior Design Show (IDS11) . By the time we were done some neighbouring exhibits had been set up as well, and it was a pleasure to see other examples of well designed and fine quality work.

As we drove home I told Kevin that his media cabinet would likely garner its fair share of "buzz" and attention this weekend. However, I also pointed out that he shouldn't get his hopes up too much with unrealistic expectations of making a sale.

The reason, I explained, was that examples of fine quality craftsmanship at a show like this are like Lamborghinis at the Car Show - everyone wants to look and kick tires, but the real buyers are the rarest of breeds.

Our discussion reminded me of an old cartoon strip called "Sally Forth" which I saved back in 2002. It remains relevant because of how well it explains the general buying psychology in today's furniture market.

Nevertheless, I am very confident that Kevin will connect with some seriously interested potential clients this weekend. And even if only a handful of these contacts result in tangible projects in the coming years, he'll have done exceptionally well with this show.

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