Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wiggers Custom Furniture Ltd. Turns 44 Today

Wiggers Custom Furniture Ltd. turns 44-years-old today.

The company was founded on January 13, 1967 by my parents Ann and Johan Wiggers. That day also happened to be a Friday. Although some consider Friday the 13th to be unlucky, I guess it's not for everyone.

I spent a great deal of time playing on my Dad's bench while he was still working out of his basement.

The first actual workshop wasn't built until 1968. (Notice the Ford Econoline van parked around the side. Years later that was the first vehicle I learned to drive, complete with three-on-the-tree.)

This is the shop today. It is now approx. 12,000 sq. ft. in size, but still has a number of original tools and machines.

Although he's now retired my father keeps himself active which, in turn, keeps him young.

This coming year will also mark my 30th year as a full time studio furniture maker, and I am amazed how quickly the time has flown.

My son Kevin, who graduated college last year, is just getting started. Although he's only 20-years-old he's already far more skilled and experienced than I was at the same age.

It's great having my father around to teach Kevin things like wood turning and marquetry. Kevin is patient and shows great respect listening to his grandfather.

My blog "Musings of a Furniture Maker" also turns one-year-old this June. I came very close to calling it "S#*t My Son Needs to Hear" , but that will be explained further in tomorrow's post.

It was also 44 years ago today that Time Magazine published the following cover:

Times have certainly changed, but not the chaos.

In the meantime, "Happy Birthday, Wiggers Custom Furniture Ltd. !"


  1. Congratulations John, to you, your family and Wiggers Custom Furniture, Ltd. May your three generations foundation bring much happiness to you and future generations.

  2. Thanks Kim. Much appreciated.

  3. hello John,

    happy birthday! Your mother sent me this news. ofcourse she is very proud! And so you all should be, a wonderfull achievement.

    lidwina, your cousin from Holland (tante Riet and ome Jaap)

  4. Congratulations and Happy birthday.Thank you for sharing this with us .

    Ed and Janet ,(Ann's neighbours)

  5. Ed & Janet - Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

  6. Wiggers Custom Furniture, you are experts at shaping wood into beautiful treasures. Over the years you have all demonstrated tremendous dedication, creativity, determination and hard work. Congratulations on 44 years of success.

    Mia and Peter Salmon

  7. Thanks for the compliment Mia and Peter !

  8. Your mother is a friend of mine. Congratulations on all of the accomplishments both your parents and yourself have made over the years. It is wonderful that another generation in your family is also interested in the business. Lorraine