Monday, January 24, 2011

Kevin Wiggers - Portfolio of Work

Kevin has been making fine furniture on a full time basis for less than a year now, and he's made some remarkable accomplishments.

This Levee Table was Kevin's first design. It was created in 2009 while he was still in school. Crafted from Bleached Zebrawood and satin black lacquer, the glass top rests on aluminum and rubber offsets. It's numbered 2009-#001.

The Channel Table was made from quarter cut English Oak, selected from a rare stock of Vintage veneer. This table was first exhibited at last year's IDS10, and later at the "Faculty Selects" exhibition at the M.I.T. campus in Boston. 2009-#002.

The Portage Table is made of highly figured East Indian Laurel set on a satin black lacquer plinth. The drawer is dovetailed solid maple. 2009-#003.

The Portage Table design was subsequently customized to create a dining table base, with satin stainless steel offsets to support a 3/4" glass top. 2010-#028.

This desk was a custom commission with apron and legs crafted from solid natural walnut. The mosaic top pattern was meticulously crafted by hand, with 6 different species of wood individually cut and fitted together. 2010-#023.

The Aquaria Console Table has a solid walnut apron and base, fitted together with mortise and tenon joinery. An inset drawer of solid dovetailed maple is discretely concealed in the apron at one end. The floating top is made of figured Crotch Walnut that has been polished to a high sheen. 2010-#016.

Kevin crafted this music box out of a rare stock of vintage Rosewood and Rosewood Burl veneer, which was inlaid with Ebony, Satinwood and Wenge. His attention to detail extends to the inside of the box as well, with an inlay on the underside of the lid. 2010-#029.

As suggested in yesterday's post, please visit the Interior Design Show (IDS11) to meet Kevin and see his most recent creation. Kevin's display will be in Studio North, booth SN-42.

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