Thursday, January 27, 2011

IDS11 is Ready for Lift Off

Kevin is off to Toronto this morning to finish setting up for the Interior Design Show (IDS11) . After a feverish marathon session yesterday he also has some Press Kits to drop off at the Media Centre.

Meanwhile, I'm off to the shop to focus on some of the more mundane things in life, such as the actual making of custom furniture.

In today's installment of relentless promotion I am showing a detail photo of one of Kevin's mosaic inlay panels. Kevin has cut each inlay by hand, and what I find most amazing is that he doesn't even work from a drawing when creating these panels. He simply starts with one segment and then intuitively decides what size, shape and wood species the next one will be, etc etc etc until a finished panel is created - much like you see here.

At one point he did try to optimize the process by using standardized shapes and templates, but the end result (although faster to make) ended up looking too uniform and "engineered". I encouraged him to revert to his original method of doing this free hand which is, frankly, brilliant both in design and execution.

A mobile video showing the recently completed display has recently been uploaded to Youtube. Please excuse the poor audio, since there is still a great deal of background noise as other exhibits are still being completed.

As you can see a large example of Kevin's mosaic inlay will be featured as a rotating panel on the media cabinet.

It will be on display in Studio North booth SN-42 for the next 4 days.

Meanwhile, IDS11 opens tonight with a gala bash called "All You Need is Love".

Kevin and I will be there to enjoy some fun before IDS11 ramps into high gear tomorrow morning with Professional Trade Day.

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